Empowering Musical Journeys

At Yucaipa Music, we are dedicated to providing top-tier music education and services to help musicians of all levels thrive.


A Legacy of Musical Excellence Since 1999

Welcome to Yucaipa Music, where the rhythm of passion and the harmony of community come together. Founded in 1999 by Zoltan Suveg, Craig Suveg, and Glenn Suveg, our family's love for music ignited the creation of a haven for music enthusiasts in Yucaipa, California.

Our Musical Mission

At Yucaipa Music, our mission is simple yet powerful: to foster a love for music in our community. We achieve this by providing top-notch music education, expert instrument repairs, and an extensive selection of musical instruments and accessories. Our commitment to music excellence runs deep, as we strive to empower individuals to discover and express their unique musical voice.

Nurturing Musical Dreams

We take pride in how we help our customers and community. Aspiring musicians of all ages find their rhythm through our comprehensive music lessons, guided by our professional and qualified teachers. From piano to drums, trumpets to violins, our conservatory offers a rich array of programs, nurturing a love for music in every heart it touches.

A Legacy of Melody

Yucaipa Music stands as a testament to our family's musical legacy. Zoltan Suveg, a professional big band drummer; Craig Suveg, a skilled upright bass, guitar, and cello player; and Glenn Suveg, a professional pianist, Hammond organist, vibraphonist, and drummer - together, we infuse the store with a unique blend of music excellence and family values.

A Community of Harmony

As a community-focused brand, we resonate with the rhythm of Yucaipa. Our doors are open to all, whether you seek inspiration, education, or simply a place to share your musical passion. We serve as more than just a music retail destination; we are a gathering place where musical dreams thrive, and talents blossom.

Strumming Towards the Future

Our vision for the future is set in harmony with our community's needs. As a leading music conservatory, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals through music education. With each note played and each instrument repaired, we aim to expand our reach, nurturing a love for music in future generations.

Join the Symphony of Yucaipa Music

Our stage is set, and we invite you to be part of our musical journey. Whether you're a budding musician seeking to perfect your craft, in need of reliable instrument repairs, or simply a music enthusiast seeking a vibrant community, Yucaipa Music is the destination for you.

Let the melodies of Yucaipa Music resound within you. Discover the joy of music, find your tempo, and embrace the harmonious experience that awaits you at Yucaipa Music. Together, let's orchestrate a symphony of musical excellence, leaving a lasting legacy of music in our hearts and community.