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Meet our team

Discover the exceptional team at Yucaipa Music - real-world musicians bringing their expertise to your lessons.
Glenn Suveg
Founder, CEO
Distinguished musician and Yucaipa Music founder. Pianist, percussionist, and virtuoso across various instruments.
Raul Bautista
Veteran drummer and educator with 40+ years of experience. Passionate about passing on rhythmic wisdom to the next generation.
Gerry Micciulla
Accomplished in piano, trumpet, and more. Diverse genres from pop to jazz. Expect a rich musical experience.
Phil Noris
Experienced musician and mentor. Phil's trumpet expertise was forged through years of school bands, professional performances, and mentoring.
Jesse Adams Jr.
Contemporary jazz & R&B artist noted for his smooth sax melodies. Crafting fusion sounds with a touch of funk, gospel, & jazz
Amy Crippen
From Shanghai to Juilliard, Amy's violin journey resonates. Exceptional teacher and performer, inspiring the next generation.
Dan Morgan

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