Gerry Micciulla

Passionate about teaching music and helping students reach their full potential.
Gerry Micciulla
Gerry Micciulla
Meet Gerry Micciulla

A seasoned musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gerry’s interest in music began studying accordion at the early age of seven. Gerry's musical interest continued to flourish while he was young, inspired and guided by his father, who played piano and several other instruments, including harmonica, mandolin, and guitar.

Throughout grade school, he sang in the boys’ choir, and high school played trumpet and French horn and taught himself the organ. It was during this same period that Gerry took an interest in piano.

Although a business major in college, his fascination with music continued, and immediately after graduation began studying piano with several local Philadelphia musicians. He has studied pop music, classical, new age, blues, and most recently, jazz under the guidance

of Glenn Suveg. He has also performed with the Glenn Suveg Quartet.

My Teaching Method

My aim as an instructor is to provide students with a well-rounded foundation in music and an appreciation for the performing arts. To accomplish these objectives, I have chosen the Alfred d’Auberge Piano Course and the John W. Schaum series for younger students, and the Alfred’s All-In-One Adult Course for older students. I believe these instruction books provide a very methodical approach to learning the piano. Additionally, for effective technique, I use the Schaum Fingerpower series for developing strong fingers in both hands.

My emphasis is on sight reading skills, good form and technique, as well as music theory including scale and chord structure. And while my overall goal for students is to learn music, I want them to enjoy doing it and will incorporate musical games, rhythm instruments, music apps, and other fun training aids into the lesson time. If time permits, within a lesson, I introduce the students to various performing artists and music genres. Finally, to develop their performance skills, I encourage students to participate in recitals held periodically during the year by Yucaipa Music.

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