Raul Bautista

Passionate about teaching music and helping students reach their full potential.
Raul Bautista
Raul Bautista
Meet Raul Bautista

Meet Raul Bautista, an accomplished drummer with four decades of professional experience and a passion for sharing his musical knowledge with the next generation. Now an instructor at Yucaipa Music, Raul brings a wealth of practical expertise and educational background to every class he teaches.

Raul's journey in music started in 1978 when he became a music major at El Camino College in LA County. For two years, he dived deep into the world of music, a journey enriched by private lessons with accomplished musicians. Among his mentors were Gene Owens, a college percussionist, and David Garibaldi, a master on the drum set.

After honing his skills, Raul embarked on a teaching journey. He was an instructor at Manhattan Beach School of Music for two years, beginning in 1986. Additionally, he spent five years providing private lessons from his home, ensuring that music enthusiasts in LA County had a place to learn and grow.

But Raul's story goes beyond education. His career as a professional musician is a testament to his talent and dedication. Raul toured with Brownsville Station in the '90s, lighting up stages nationwide. He spent eight months on cruise lines with a jazz combo, adding rhythm to the high seas. Raul's drumbeats have echoed far and wide from various clubs and venues in the LA area to work with the Al Cato Trio in Vegas.

Despite his impressive track record, Raul isn't resting on his laurels. He's now part of Standard Jazz and continues to play clubs in the IE area, showcasing his undying love for music.

Today, Raul brings all these experiences to his students at Yucaipa Music. Retired but not tired, he dedicates his time to teaching drums, passing on the beats, rhythms, and music lessons he's gathered. Whether you're a budding musician or someone who wants to appreciate the beauty of drums, Raul Bautista is ready to guide you on your musical journey.

My Teaching Method

Raul has a unique teaching methodology, the "Ladder Technique." Just like climbing a ladder step by step, Raul believes in gradual and structured learning to ensure a strong and complete understanding of drumming.

First Step: Building a Good Foundation

  • Focus on wrist and feet exercises.
  • Learn basic reading and quarter note grooves on the full drum set.

Second Step: Perfecting the Basics

  • Learn to read 8th, 16th, and 32nd notes.
  • Work on the first nine rudiments and complex grooves.

Third Step: Improving Timing

Practice with a metronome on 28 different rudiments.

Work on various drum fills and grooves.

  • Constantly review previous lessons to reinforce learning.

Fourth Step: Encouraging Creativity

  • Learn to improvise music on the spot.
  • Develop personal drum charts to songs.

By the end of this ladder technique, students don't just learn to play the drums, but they truly understand the depth and breadth of drumming. They're not just repeating beats; they're creating music. And it's all thanks to Raul Bautista's thoughtful, step-by-step approach.

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