Glenn Suveg

Passionate about teaching music and helping students reach their full potential.
Glenn Suveg
Glenn Suveg
Meet Glenn Suveg

Meet Glenn Suveg, a musical virtuoso, and one of the founders of Yucaipa Music. Glenn's enchanting journey began at the tender age of 7 when he immersed himself in the world of classical piano. By the age of 13, he had already graced his first professional stage, captivating audiences with his prodigious talent.

Throughout high school, Glenn's passion for music flourished as he explored a diverse array of styles, delving into music appreciation and theory. His thirst for musical knowledge led him to Trenton State College, where he pursued a degree in music.

While at Trenton State, Glenn's charisma on the keys caught the attention of Bob Smith and the Lamplighters, a renowned professional big band. Collaborating with them, Glenn's artistry reached new heights, captivating audiences with every performance.

As his musical prowess blossomed, Glenn expanded his repertoire, immersing himself in solo piano performances and founding his own jazz ensemble. The jazz stage became his canvas, and his fingers danced along the keys, painting harmonious masterpieces.

But Glenn's journey didn't stop there. Driven by his unyielding passion, he dived into new musical realms, mastering percussion, vibraphone, marimba, and the iconic Hammond organ. Each instrument became an extension of his soul, channeling his musical genius into every stroke and note.

Today, as the CEO of Yucaipa Music, Glenn's dedication to music education and community echoes in every aspect of the store. Whether he's sharing his wisdom with budding musicians or enchanting audiences with his solo performances, his love for music shines bright.

Glenn's devotion to his craft has led him to an extraordinary solo career, captivating audiences with every mesmerizing melody. His musical journey has culminated in the release of his first solo CD, a testament to his boundless talent and love for the art.

Join Glenn Robert at Yucaipa Music, where passion meets proficiency, and music embraces the soul. Experience the magic of music under his guidance, and unlock the limitless potential of your musical dreams.

Take the next step in your melodic adventure - contact us today to embark on your musical odyssey with Glenn Robert and Yucaipa Music.

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